Motorola announces the BACKFLIP

Motorola made a tasty announcement at CES - its next big Android device will be the BACKFLIP, a QWERTY smartphone with a backwards folding keyboard. Check out the photos to see how it works, but apparently the design allows you to easily use the phone as a media viewer, since you can tilt the screen at any angle you want.


Like Google's Nexus One, the BACKFLIP will run on the latest Android software, version 2.1, which along with tweaks to general UI and customisability, features a full speech-to-text feature that lets you speak virtually any command into the phone.


The capacitive touch-screen is a comfortable 3.1 inches at a high-res HVGA resolution, and the camera packs in five megapixels with autofocus and LED flash. High-speed HSDPA internet, Wi-Fi, and A-GPS is a given, and for the social networking hounds, the MOTOBLUR interface is back - you'll be able to sync your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, work mail, web mail and even LastFM accounts, and get messages and updates live streamed to the homescreen.


MOTOBLUR also offers a backup and remote wipe solution - contacts, messages and media files are saved to a cloud server, and if you lose your phone, you'll be able to remotely wipe all this info.


The Motorola BACKFLIP is available globally from Q1 this year. No UK operator or pricing details have been released, but you can peek at the official page here.



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