Powermat extends wireless charging range

When Powermat first unveiled its 'wireless' charging solution, it received a degree of criticism from people claiming you still needed to connect the mat by a wire. While this was true, we were still big fans of the concept and besides, Powermat claimed a complete wireless solution was very much in the pipeline. Well, it wasn't kidding. It has used the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to unveil its latest line of devices.


The Powermat Portable 1X and Powermat Portable 2X have an integrated high capacity battery that enables one or two devices respectively to be charged without having to plug the Powermats into an electricity outlet. Of course, the mat will need to be charged every now and then to boost the battery life, but it's a great way of keeping charged on the go.


Whereas previous Powermat creations were limited to just iPhones and BlackBerry's, the Powermat Powerpak now caters for more than 10 models from HTC, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson.


No information for on sale dates are yet available, but we'll be sure to bring you them as soon as we have them.


Click here to watch a video of the original Powermat Phone Charger in action.

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