Google Nexus One - European price details

Google has officially revealed its first mobile phone to the world but, in the meantime, details about purchasing a handset in Europe have just been unveiled in France, providing a good guide to relative UK price details.


Reportedly, the Nexus One will be available in the first quarter of this year and, if you fancy buying an unlocked sample outright, the phone will set you back €450, according to the Mobile Techworld website. A contract has been mooted via SFR which is currently owned by both Vodafone and Vivendi and is France's second largest carrier. Running over a period of two years, the contract asks you to fork out €200 for the Nexus One with a monthly fee of around €50. No other details were available but all of these figures resemble the iPhone 3GS in costs.


Click here for the Mobile Techworld story and another video preview of the Nexus One


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