Palm Europe launches paid apps program for webOS

We've complained about the scarcity of apps for Palm's excellent Pre before, so we're happy to see another baby step towards filling it out.


Palm will launch its paid-for application program for webOS in Europe in March this year. The program is live in the US already, where 600 new paid apps have been submitted in just two months.


Developers with an app to submit should head to the Palm developer page for full submission details. Meanwhile, us normals will have to wait an additional few months to actually buy any of these new apps.


webOS is a web-based mobile platform whose selling point lies in the fact that apps and programs are all based in the web, allowing for a uniquely powerful sync feature, Synergy, which syncs Facebook, Google, Microsoft Exchange, LinkedIn and Yahoo accounts. In fact, we like the Pre so much that if it weren't for the lack of apps, we'd go ahead and say it just might be better than the iPhone.


webOS is also on the Palm Pixi, slated for a UK launch this year.

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