Dots Gloves are touch-screen friendly

It's currently 1°C and we can't even hold a cup of coffee outside without gloves on. Typing on a touch-screen? Forget it.


At least, not without a spanking new pair of Dots Gloves D200, which have three conductive pads on the thumb and fingers on each hand, allowing you to use that iPhone, Android or other touch-screen phone you own - without removing your gloves.


Such phones, which use a capacitive screen, operate via the eletrical impulses received from your fingers. Gloved, these impulses are insulated from the phone, meaning you won't even be able to pick up a call on a full touch-phone without slipping off your glove.


Dots Gloves get around this with 'in Touch' dots that conduct the electric signals from your fingers. They're also superb hand warmers, with a nylon shell over fleece lining and a microfibre palm for extra-secure grip.


Order yours online at for US$25.

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