Google Nexus One - hands-on report

A new hands-on overview by Google of the Nexus One mobile phone, just before the official announcement, tomorrow, has revealed more details on the new design.


Engadget website has declared that, despite being thinner than the iPhone and incorporating a few new interface tweaks, the new Nexus One is not a major leap forward over and above Apple's successful design.


However, the Nexus One is reportedly an improvement on Motorola's recently launched Android devices, as well as faster and smoother running.


One noticeable feature - or lack thereof - is confirmation of the rumour that multi-touch has not been implemented, which seems a little odd when faced with the large, attractive touch-screen and an operating system, Android 2.1, that can support it.


The Nexus One will run on a fast, 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, sport a 3.7-inch touch-screen and include expandable memory up to 32GB along with a five-megapixel camera.


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