Seidio declares a range of Nexus One accessories

If there's one thing you can bank on, when a significant new mobile phone is on the brink of release, it's the announcement of a whole host of new accessories that will quickly follow. The Nexus One band-wagon may need to offer lots of space because the chances are that quite a few companies will be attempting to jump on it. There are certainly no flies on Seidio are there? No sooner has Google announced the press conference for the likely launch of the Nexus One mobile phone than Seidio declares that it already has an "ultimate" accessories package to go with it, according to the Android Community website


Seidio has been around the block a few times having produced accessories for Blackberry, HTC, Palm, Samsung, LG, Apple and Motorola so the announcement that it has a range of protective cases, screen guards, desktop chargers and more, ready for action, shouldn't really be seen as a big surprise.


The only slight problem is when all of these goodies will be available. The company kept quiet on that one.


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