Palm to release new version of Pre OS

A new version of the Palm Pre operating system, WebOS, is on the verge of release. Enhancements to version 1.3.5 of the software will include an improvement in the utilisation of battery power. Hence, battery life will improve when in marginal coverage areas. Users will see a fix for the QCELP (Qualcomm PureVoice) and fans of MMS will be glad to see an enhancement in that feature. Specifically, audio for video sent via MMS will now be enabled. Also, expect downloads over 2G connections to be allowed, according to the PreCentral website. Finally, the Pre will apparently be able to store more applications but there was no extra information on that snippet.


Users of the Palm Pixi will also notice a immediate improvement in both speed and responsiveness.


It is interesting to note that, at the time of writing, version 1.3.1 of the OS is flagged as the latest version on the Palm website but that will surely change very soon.


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