iPhone - 4th generation design to feature 5MP camera

New details have been revealed on the next generation iPhone - the 4th to date. We recently heard that Foxconn had received orders for the new iPhone from Apple - Foxconn was responsible for construction the current 3GS model. Now, observers are declaring that the new version will include an updated camera reaching 5-megapixels. This is the standard seen by most camera experts as the lowest, 'best quality' because images at this level can be successfully enlarged to an appreciable size without pixilation.


The new camera technology has reportedly been implemented by OmniVision Technologies, which also currently constructs the 3.2-megapixel camera for the 3GS, according to the Digitimes website. An order of 40-45 million devices has been ordered which gives you some idea of the projected sales figures for the new phone.


Other news includes reports via Business Insider that January will see the much talked about Apple tablet - not the final release version, mind you, more like a demo sample.


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