Google Nexus One videos leaked

There's more activity on the Google Nexus One front with new leaks of images and videos giving us a decent visual reference for the new design.


The first video offers is a brief run through of the phone's operation and user interface and is available here. The second video is much longer, about five minutes, and goes into more depth on the phone's operation. It is available here.


Other new information on the new Google handset arrives in the form of a selection of comparative images, via the Engadget website, which shows that the Nexus One is very similar in size to the iPhone but that the screen size of the Nexus One is noticeably larger. In addition, comparisons are also made with the HTC Hero (HTC is reported to have constructed the Nexus One for Google).


The Nexus One is reported to be released in January of next year.


Click to read the Engadget story


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