Nokia to release another 5230 version

Nokia has announced that it will be releasing another new phone that appears to be based upon the basic 5230 design. If you remember, this phone transformed itself into the 5235 Comes With Music handset recently. The new iteration of that lot is to be known as the 5233. Does this mean that we should expect other designs to fill in the numerical gaps: 5231, 5232 and 5234? Is Nokia taking a leaf out of Samsung's book and establishing a family of phones based around one design as Samsung has done with the Corby brand?


We will see. For now, the Nokia 5233 includes features that are strikingly similar to its parent 5230, according to the Unwired website, in that it includes a 3.2in touchscreen packing in 360 x 640 pixels, a GPS facility for location finding, a 3.5mm headphone socket and a basic camera rated at just 2-megapixels.


There are no details regarding distribution, release date or price as yet.


Click to read the Unwired story


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