Google Nexus One - no multitouch?

New details have been revealed about the new Google mobile phone which looks to be bearing the official name of Nexus One (powered by Android 2.1).


The information has been exposed via the Engadget website but we believe that they should be approached with an element of caution. For example, after getting their hands on an early version of the new Nexus One handset they declared that the phone had no multi-touch interface capability. It is possible, however, that this feature was not initialised yet within this early prototype.


Other, possibly more reliable, conclusions include the fact that the software response is very fast and that the chassis feels good in the hands, being svelte.


The display was praised too with a speculation that it might be of OLED quality and that it supports 3G. Apparently, there is no dedicated camera key. This feature will reportedly be implemented via the internal software. Also, it appears that the phone will arrive with 4GB of memory.


The new Google phone is due for release in January 2010.


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