Samsung bada OS - new images leaked

A new series of images have been released that give a much better idea of what we can expect from Samsung's forthcoming operating system, bada. You may have guessed it already but it looks like long-standing users of Samsung's popular TouchWiz user interface will feel right at home with bada - especially as the new OS is based upon the original TouchWiz interface, according to the Samsung Flash website.


The bada OS will give users the opportunity to access the Flash, Internet-friendly, utility along with web control and motion sensing. Other, more direct user interface control methods will be available via face detection plus vibration control. An accelerometer will be utilised to change the screen from landscape for portrait and back again plus possible games implementations.


Although bada won't be the only OS that Samsung will operate in the future, expect to see the first bada mobile phones mid-way through the first quarter of the new year.


Click to see the Samsung Flash story


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