20-megapixel mobile phone cameras on the way

A new chip designed to be fitted within mobile phones has been announced by the semiconductor giant, Broadcom. The Broadcom BCM2763 VideoCore IV processor is a next generation multimedia chip that will introduce a raft of advanced graphic capabilities such as a powerful 20-megapixel camera and video performance running at a full 1080p resolution. Other features will include video playback and 1 gigapixel 2D/3D graphics rendering.


The VideoCore IV uses 40 nanometer (40nm) CMOS process technology rather than 65nm processors. "So what?", you cry. It's important because the new chip actually uses less power which means that your battery lasts longer and the current power supply will be better positioned to utilise the extra facilities in the first place.


Expect to see the first handsets powered by the new chip in 2011 and don't be surprised to see the first chips within HTC built designs. The company is taking a keen interest in the new processor.


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