Android app numbers reach 20,000

Recent news has been released that the Android operating system has broken though the 20,000 apps barrier - a significant landmark for the still comparatively new operating system that has made tremendow leaps and bounds of late in both the development of the OS itself and the numbers of phones it is appearing upon.


According to the Mobile Crunch website, the breakdown of the app market roughly separates into two thirds free apps and one third of the apps sold being of the paid variety. This is pretty impressive when you consider that paid-for apps were launched onto the market much later than the free app.


Of course, Android cannot crow too much as it has a way to go before it can catch up Apple's iPhone-based apps that number in excess of 100,000. Yet, with the number of Android phones, including Google's own Nexus One, on the horizon, what are the odds that Android apps will break through the 100,000 barrier by the year's end?


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