Apple sales top 10 million this quarter

Apple has reported that sales of the iPhone 3GS for this quarter look good - in fact, they look very good. So good, that Apple is talking about new sales records being broken and a figure of over 10 million iPhones sold, in the quarter alone. If that figure is confirmed, then the company will have upped the previous numbers, which the company was delighted with, from the previous quarter figure of 7.4 million sales, according to the Digitimes website.


The company is now selling its design into all of the major mobile markets in the world and, in fact, has shifted 100,000 sales in China over the past two months alone.


The future looks interesting. On the plus side, the company has reported to have ordered a 4th generation iPhone design from Foxconn (the same company that supplied the 3GS design). On the downside, Google's new Nexus One design represents a new degree of potential competition that could prove difficult for Apple. One thing's for sure, the mobile market in 2010 will not be boring.


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