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There's an awful lot of activity bubbling around the mobile industry, at the moment, surrounding text interfaces and making it easier to get your text into your mobile device with the minimum of fuss. We've just seen Nuance make a major announcement in supplying its software to all future Samsung phones and now Samsung, again, plus Nokia have both pumped millions into a company known as Swype. No, this isn't for a new App for prospective muggers, but a new technology that improves how we type directly on a touchscreen phone, according to the Moconews website.


The investment, said to be $5.6 million, has been pushed into Swype to further improve this new technology which guesses the word you want to type enabling you to input over 40 words power minute. At least, that's the idea.


Those of you with Samsung Omnia II mobile phones will already be familiar with Swype as that company's technology is already resident on that model. Next year will see a lot more phones featuring the software.


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