Nuance to supply predicative text to Samsung phones

Teenage girls - they are the masters of the text. Is it part of their DNA that they should have developed bionic thumbs for the digital age? Witness the pollical blur as they send multiple texts to their friends and family. The rest of us need as much help as we can get and, short of Samsung supplying a teenage girl to text at will while we put the coffee on, the company has decided to adopt the T9 and XT9 predictive text systems from Nuance for all of their mobile phones. Nunace is already famed for their PC applications surrounding OCR scanning.


Nuance's predictive text system, which can be viewed here, can handle 80 languages and will be used by Samsung for phones based upon the new bada, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian-based mobile phones.


"...anything we can do to make [messaging] faster and easier for [our customers] is a key dimension of our phone design strategy. This expanded relationship with Nuance ultimately enables our broad consumer base to send messages and emails in half the time, quickly enter URLs, and more, on any phone we bring to market," declared Hyoungmoon No, vice president, R&D Planning Team, Samsung Electronics.


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