4G phones take a step nearer

The world's major mobile companies, such as LG and Samsung, are beavering away, developing the next generation of data transfer networks. Meanwhile, in the UK, O2, in conjunction with Huawei, have successfully implemented a live trial of the very first LTE network.


Doesn't sound very exciting does it? Not until you realise that LTE is just another way of saying 4G which does ring a few bells. The bottom line? Fast data transfer speeds. In fact, during the trial, the UK-based network reached top speeds of 150Mbps - without a pit stop or a change of tyres.


That's pretty darned fast, folks, especially when you compare that to 3G. In its HSDPA flavour, 3G reaches a heady 7.2Mbps and, in the more recently implemented HSPA+ (a sort of 3.5G), it's topping a rather swift 21Mbps. 4G, however, will obviously leave both eating digital dirt.


So when are we all going to be tripping the LTE fantastic? O2 isn't saying. For now, we Brits will have to look enviously towards Sweden and Norway where TeleSonera has just launched the world's first commercial LTE/4G network via a laptop-driven Samsung dongle running at around 100Mbps - that particular company will release 4G phones next year. Frustrating isn't it? Come on O2 - get a move on!


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