Synaptics releases multi-interface concept phone

There's nothing that approaches the fun of mobile technology than a new concept phone. They can be futuristic (a mobile for MPs that triggers an aural alert when it detects them talking rubbish?) or just plain wacky (a Strictly Come Dancing phone made entirely from sequins?) but Synaptics' new model is, arguably, evolutionary.


Based on the Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 CPU, the handset, known as the Fuse, includes Synaptics ClearPad TouchButtons and NavPoint technologies to integrate multiple interfaces including multi-touch, haptic feedback, 3D graphics and "force, grip and proximity sensing". So, you have sensors on the front (touch sensitive), back (for 2D navigation) and sides (for panning and scrolling) of the chassis


The company is obviously bullish about the future of features employed within the new design, "The improved sensory experience of Fuse will drive handset innovation to evolve, taking the current generation of touch-based interaction to the next level of human-device interaction," declared Gopal Garg, senior vice president of Synaptics' handheld business unit and corporate marketing.


Yes, the Synaptics phone is a concept but you should be able to take a look for yourself if you happen to be passing the next Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona.


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