Nokia Messaging adds Social Networking features

Nokia has released a new, beta, version of its Messaging service with added social networking facilities. But should we be surprised? After all, nowadays, you can't cook a chicken curry without the microwave asking you if you'd like to Twitter the event to all and sundry. Okay, maybe that's just a slight exaggeration but, you know, it's everywhere. Mobile companies dare not release anything unless Twitter's name is plastered all over it or Facebook can be accessed through it.


More specifically, the Nokia beta new service allows you to Twitter direct from the homescreen of your mobile phone, while the Facebook addition gives you the chance to search for friends, take a gander at upcoming events like birthdays and, in addition, you can even upload pictures and videos (of a steaming chicken curry, perhaps?)


If you like the cut of this particular jib then download the new beta version of Nokia Messaging here. The updated utility works with the Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini and Nokia 5800 only at the moment.


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