Google phone for January 2010 release

The Google Phone is real. The search company and burgeoning mobile mogul is going to release an Android phone of its own and it looks like it will hit the market very early in January 2010. The phone has been been confirmed to be an HTC build called the Nexus One, and Google is currently testing the device out with employees aruond the world.


The difference between this device and HTC's existing line of Android phones is that Google has complete say over the phone - from its hardware to every last byte of software. That means no Sense interface and no HTC widgets - just pure, full featured Google.


According to Reuters, the new handset doesn't have a Google logo on it but it will arrive with Android 2.1 OS, a 3.7-inch screen, WVGA AMOLED resolution, Wi-Fi, a five-megapixel camera, exchangeable battery, memory card plus Google utilities such as Google Navigation and its augmented reality beta Google Goggles.


Though HTC didn't deny the existence of the phone, a spokesperson only commented that "HTC and Google continue to work closely together and we're excited about our joint success with the G1, Hero and MyTouch3G, and continue to have strong optimism for the future and the Android platform overall, so stay tuned." We think that sounds like a 'yes we have a Google phone'...


No price details are available but word is Google will be selling the handset SIM-free and unlocked at online retailers around the world.

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