Nokia N900 lands at Vodafone

Those of you who have been camping outside Nokia HQ waiting for the UK release of the Nokia's big, bad 'mini-computer' N900 with sleeping bag, flask of coffee and cheery smile at the ready, can bask in a glow of fulfilment because the Maemo-powered phone has received an official UK release date.


Vodafone is the first UK carrier to announce that it will be selling the phone from January with a pre-registration page up, but no details of tariff plans. O2 and Orange are expected to follow soon after.


Vodafone did declare that the new handset will be available for free on "selected plans" - though we wonder just how horrendously expensive those plans will be. Considering the phone costs £499 SIM-free from the Nokia site, a big upfront payment might be on the cards if we want to see the phone on anything resembling a reasonable tariff.



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