Nokia's Ovi Store to be re-launched

We already know that Nokia's in a bit of a pickle regarding smartphones. As well as losing ground in the hardware marketplace to the likes of Apple and BlackBerry, it has now declared its software application wing, the Ovi app store, is in trouble. Nokia users already know this, of course.


George Linardos, head of products at Nokia's media group, admitted to the Financial Times website, that Nokia has been taking a gamut of complaints from disgruntled Nokia users: 'We have screens up in our offices running the Twitter feeds all day long,' he said. 'It's like sitting there and getting punched in the face. But when we make improvements we see the impact instantly.'


Expect to see a second quarter 2010 re-vamp, therefore, in which the Ovi Store site sees an improved payment system, an enhanced user interface, a faster response and more localised content.


Click to read the Financial Times story

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