INQ Chat 3G out in the UK today

INQ's Twitter phone is finally in the UK, and out on 3. The QWERTY smartphone-lite boasts properly integrated Twitter and the same full fat Facebook features as the social networking maestro INQ1, including push notifications, and messages streamed into your inbox alongside texts.


The Chat 3G also supports (free!) push Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail, along with other popular webmail, and can sync to iTunes and Windows Media player so you'll be able to easily add your music and video library. It can also be used as a modem for your laptop - just plug it in via USB and front £10 per 1GB.


The phone is available for £99.99 on 3's PAYG with free internet, and free UK calls to other 3 customers with every top-up. Top-ups also include free voicemail for 90 days and a bundle of texts, and you'll get free Skype and Windows Live Messenger anytime.


Or grab it free on a two-year contract for £15 a month, with unlimited texts, internet, Skype, Messenger and 3-to-3 calls, as well as 75 cross-network minutes.

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