Nokia to release fewer smartphones next year

Nokia has announced that it will be reducing the amount of new smartphones that it will release during 2010.


This year saw the company release 15 smartphones but it intends to reduce that number in the future, roughly, by half because, as Antti Vasara, head of Nokia smartphones R&D, said to the Reuters website, "We have cut down unnecessary differentiation, so that we have a far more focused portfolio for next year," he said.


It may also have something to do with an imperfect strategy. Nokia lost ground on its nearest smartphone competition, dropping its smartphone market share from 41% down to 35%.


Such a focusing of its future may, according to some analysts be a risky venture, "Reducing the number of smartphone models makes a lot of sense ... but Nokia has to be very careful in finding the right balance: its large product portfolio has been one of its strong competitive advantages in the past," said Bernstein analyst Pierre Ferragu.


Nokia is hoping that the forthcoming  Symbian^3 and Maemo 6 operating systems will help to change its fortunes.


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