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My, how things have changed since our last touch-screen feature at the beginning of 2009. The iPhone's no longer one of the few handsets to boast a high-quality capacitive touch-screen. Instead, the technology has gone popular, and manufacturers from LG to HTC have taken it on. Of course, everyone knows it's not what you have, it's what you do with it. We've picked the best touch-phones that also happen to boast the slickest, quickest interfaces around.


Palm Pre
The Pre doesn't just support hyper accurate multi-touch, it also has the most innovative user interface on the market. Along with pinch zooming, the Pre employs a series of snazzy flick gestures to navigate between apps - side to scroll and up to switch or end programs. There hasn't been a fresher way to use a killer touch-screen since the iPhone (see below), and the Pre's multitasking feature - 12 apps at once, desktop like ability to switch between them - puts all other phones to shame.


Palm Pre review


Apple iPhone 3GS
Touch-screen tablet phones exploded thanks to a little iDevice that perfected touch-screen tech back in '07 and brought it to the masses. And what a screen it was, especially coupled with Apple's easy to use interface, operated via feather light swipes and taps. Typing on its on-screen keyboard is as accurate and fast as on the best hard QWERTY keypads, thanks to a top-notch auto-correct system. Yep, two generations on, the iPhone is still one of the best. Oh, and you can finally copy and paste text.


Apple iPhone 3GS review


HTC Hero
No manufacturer has harnessed the power of the Android operating system quite as well as HTC. Its Sense interface offers seven fully customisable home screens that are a pleasure to scroll through on the highly sensitive screen, while simple swipes bring up notifications, and 'tap and hold' opens menu options. Best of all, the woes of touch-screen typing are long gone, with the intelligent auto-complete spellcheck slotting in correctly spelled words as fast as you mistype them.


HTC Hero review 


Motorola DEXT
Moto's comeback phone packs one fine touch-screen, capacitive of course. The DEXT is also an Android device and its three home screens are packed to the hilt with customisable social network and messaging live feeds. And if you're a message fiend who loves touch-screens, but prefers the feeling of real buttons, there's a good old fashioned QWERTY keyboard to slide out too.


Motorola DEXT review


Nokia X6
Surprised? Nokia isn't known for its touch-screens (its first, the 5800 XpressMusic, was released just a year ago), but the X6 rocks a capacitive, swipe-friendly one that sits up  there with the old boys. The X6 also has a friendly, tactile user interface that while not a huge step forward from the Symbian standard, is nice to look at and easy to tweak so that your favourites are easily accessed.


Nokia X6 review 

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