APP WATCH: iPhone app makes you sound like Mario

People love Mario almost as much as they love the iPhone, and now there's an app that can make iPhone owners sound just like him.


iRwego has over a minute of audio from the Super Mario Bros game, and uses the accelerometer on the iPhone (or iPod Touch) to play the corresponding Mario sounds to your movements, like the jump sound Mario makes when he gracefully leaps on a Goomba or two. You can also play other sounds like the 'worp worp worp' when Mario squeezes into the green pipes, the squishy noise when he squashes a baddy, or that one when you hit the question mark boxes. There are also two Mario quotes, 'Here we go!' and 'Oki doki!'.


Download yours quick though - according to CNET, the app hasn't been approved by Nintendo, which means the Japanese manufacturer may soon insist on its removal.

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