O2 More: mobile advertising that takes off?

Mobile advertising hasn't been prolific, but that may change with O2's announcement of O2 More, a new customer service that targets its users based on their interests.


Along with 'relevant' advertising, O2 customers will also be targeted with freebies, discounts and special offers from over 50 brands, including Adidas, Cadbury and Blockbuster. Before you flip out about Big Brother's all seeing, all selling eye, the service is completely opt-in. Interested customers can head to the new O2 More site, and tick a bunch of boxes telling O2 your preferences, from where you like to eat, to things you like to do. O2 will then send you relevant offers from participating companies, based on your checked preferences and data that O2 has on you, such as where you use your phone and when.


Shaun Gregory, head of O2 Media, said: 'It's not about bombarding customers; it's about providing true relevancy. If we have [an offer you'll enjoy] we'll send it. If we don't, we won't.' Gregory also swears you won't receive more than one a day.


The service is available now, and O2 mobile and broadband customers can sign up here.

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