Nokia to release just one Maemo phone next year

Nokia has declared that, despite the fuss made by the media on the recently released Maemo operating system, which powers the N900 mobile, there will only be one phone based upon the new OS during 2010, with Symbian forming the bulk of its future releases.


In fact, the manufacturer said any Maemo release would be targeted at top-end cosumers. 'The potential of Linux computer operating system is in the high-end, and we have not yet fully harnessed that,' head of Maemo at Nokia Ari Jaaksi told the Reuters website.


However, limiting the Maemo models to just one release may not be as damaging to the long term popularity of the OS as you might think. Neil Mawston from Strategy Analytics said: 'Launching just one Maemo model in the whole of 2010 need not be a problem if Nokia can develop an iPhone killer with standout design and superior usability.'


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