Android 2.1 Flan - has it killed version 2.0?

Reports are reaching us that the Android 2.0 upgrade is about to be dropped entirely in favour of the latest Flan variant – version 2.1.


Despite the Motorola Droid appearing on the market with the first incarnation of Google's operating system, Android 2.0, it now seems likely that this will not only be the first handset to feature that particular variant of Android but it will also be the last.


The problem appears to stem from the Motorola Droid suffering with big problems despite early favourable reviews, according to the Alsop-Louie website. Apparently the hardware is fine, it's just Android 2.0 that is full of bugs.


Hence, HTC is reportedly saying its next OS upgrade for the Android-powered Hero will be Android 2.1 and not 2.0, as was previously surmised.


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