APP WATCH: You Booze, You Looze for iPhone

Apps - they make everything fun, including keeping an eye on your booze habits. Channel 4 has released an iPhone app to help you count up how much you're drinking and how much you're spending on it.


You Booze, You Looze also keeps tabs on the calories you've consumed, and runs you through a series of games and sobriety tests that measure co-ordination, concentration, balance and reaction times – all to prove you're drinking too darn much. And after you've proven to have all the clarity of a pot of ink, you can share your results on Facebook and the official Twitter stream @boozelooze.


Users can upload personal details to save to individual profiles, and you can create multiple profiles for errant boozing friends who don't have iPhones.


Available now on the iPhone App Store for 59p.

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