Samsung to launch bada OS on December 8th

Samsung has announced that it is now ready to officially launch its new operating system - known as bada - onto the world market and will do so on December 8th in London.


According to the Mobile Crunch website, the launch will include a Dr. HS Lee, Samsung's EVP and Head of Media Solution Center. However, possibly more significantly, the launch will also feature Kevin Thau, Head of Mobile at Twitter. Nowadays, all mobile operating systems include some element of social networking but it is intriguing to see such a prominent figure rolled out at the launch of a major new OS. What significant social networking features will bada offer?


As well as a statement of intent in moving away from Symbian and Windows Mobile, bada will be an open source system, in a similar way to Google's Android OS. Hence, any prospective developer will be able to immediately develop for it. Also expect to see specifically created user interfaces from varying operators and manufacturers.


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