Acer to concentrate on Android in 2010

Acer has declared it will be concentrating on the Android operating system in 2010, which will mean that the Windows Mobile OS will not play such a prominent role in the Acer range.


This is tough news for Microsoft as Acer's current tally of 10 mobile phones largely consists of Windows Mobile-based platforms. In fact, only one of the 10, the Acer Liquid A1, runs Android at this time.


That balance will dramatically change next year, however, as the company said that it will be releasing another 8 to 10 units and that at least half of those will be based upon the Android OS.


Speaking to the Slashgear website, Aymar de Lencquesaing, head of Acer's phone unit, declared that, "There is definitely momentum behind Android, the pace is faster than most would have anticipated one year ago."


The powerful Acer Liquid A1 should be available this week for €379.99. No distribution information was available, however.


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