News from the East: Chocolate phones from Sharp

LG Chocolate, LG schmocolate. The Korean manufacturer might have a Christmas-themed version of its high-spec New Chocolate BL40, but these phones from Japanese company Sharp actually look like bars of melting chocolate – and they come in Melty Bitter (brown) and Melty Strawberry (pink).


Akihabara News has pics of these very tasty looking clamshell phones, which are a collaboration between Sharp and Tokyo-based accessory brand Q-Pot. The phones are packing some heat too, at least for devices made to look like melting confectionary: eight-meg camera, three-inch WVGA screen, a digital TV tuner, and to top it off, they're apparently waterproof.


Onto the chocolate: The phones are also preloaded with chocolate themed wallpaper and menus, and cutesy phone chains with (plastic) macaroon and choc box charms. They're out now on Japanese network NTT Docomo.

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