Now the Sony Ericsson Aino has problems

Sony Ericsson has reported that a number of its Aino mobile phones are suffering from problems in their touch-screen operation.


The recently released Sony Ericsson Aino was seen as an essential part of the company's armoury but now, despite the company emphasising that only a small number of handsets are experiencing the problem, the mobile may be seen as flawed by many members of the public.


Sony Ericsson spokesman Mattias Holm said to the Reuters website: 'Obviously we are working as quickly as possible to solve [the problem].' The reports of the Aino's problem follows just days after news of the Sony Ericsson Satio's high street withdrawal due to software problems.


'Aino and Satio are Sony Ericsson's key products for the final quarter,' said Geoff Blaber, analyst for UK consultants CCS Insight. 'These problems couldn't come at a worse time - just as the market approaches the highest volume weeks of the year. They have days not weeks to fix these issues.'


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