Sony Ericsson confirms Pureness 2

Sony Ericsson has confirmed that it is already working on a sequel to its new style phone, the Xperia Pureness.


The Pureness design philosophy circles the 'less is more' approach and, according to company insiders, that will continue and possibly accelerate. The Electric Pig website talked to the phone's designer, Daniel Mauritzson, who confirmed that he aimed to continue simplifying the design, reducing the features down to the very basic functions to  "counterbalance" the typical smartphone. According to the website, Mauritzson says he is working on "taking away" features rather than adding more, "You could remove the keys...,"  he commented.


No word on release dates, price or distribution for the Pureness 2, but to whet your appetite for luxury, check out a video of the Pureness here.



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