ELSE handset to replace dedicated cameras and sat nav devices

A new mobile manufacturer has unveiled a new handset with the tagline; "Prepare for something else." Bold words indeed from Israeli manufacturer Emblaze at the London launch of the First ELSE phone. Did we say phone? We hope Emblaze didn't hear us. For the ELSE is said to offer a genuine alternative to dedicated cameras, music players and sat nav devices - in other words it's far more than just a phone. It certainly sports some impressive specs, including a 3.5-inch LCD capacitive touch-screen, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and a five-megapixel camera.


At the launch, all press were kept to viewing the device from afar, but the demo given by Emblaze suggested a finger-friendly - the ELSE has been purpose built to enable one-thumb navigation - experience with four main menu screens that are in turn broken down into more specific applications. Other highlights include gesture control that enables you to access applications by simply etching a letter on the screen, noise cancellation for that "perfect call" and the ability to play video content in high definition.


We're told we won't have any more info until January but we promise to keep you updated to any murmurs.

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