Sony Ericsson Kurara - more details

More details of Sony Ericsson's new mobile phone, the Kurara have been released.


The new design has now received an additional appellation for, in addition to the Kurara tag, which may still be a codename, the designation U5 has also now appeared on the moniker. Seen as one of Sony Ericsson's flagship devices for next year, the new phone has been confirmed to run on Symbian - which will contrast nicely with the other flagship device, the X10 Xperia, which will run on Android, according to the Mobile Review website.


More confirmation has arrived that the phone is based on a fast Cortex A8 CPU but it now appears that the rumoured AMOLED screen will not, now, be included. A headphone socket will be available for music fans and the user interface will provide direct access to many social networking facilities such as Twitter and Facebook. An 8-megapixel camera along with HD video recording was also confirmed.


No details on price or release dates were forthcoming.


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