Samsung goes girly

It's becoming a habit, Samsung has recently exhibited two new unannounced mobile phones that are reportedly aimed at women.


The new line is to be known as the Diva range and will initially be represented by the Samsung S7070 and the Samsung S5150 Olivia, according to the GHacks website.


The S7070 arrives with a touchscreen, resistive display spanning 3in and packing in a WQVGA resolution. Supplying the popular TouchWiz user interface, the handset features Bluetooth for connections to wireless accessories such as headsets, microUSB, a FM radio for entertainment and a microSD slot for the expansion of internal RAM memory.


The S5150 Olivia sits within a clamshell form factor with a shiny case and lighted exterior. More prosaically, the screen spans 2.2in with a QVGA resolution whilst a built in camera is supplied at 3-megapixels.


No price details are available at the moment. Expect an early 2010 release for both designs.


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