New Palm webOS links Yahoo! and LinkedIn

We've had the Palm Pre barely two months here in the UK and Palm has already released three software updates.


The latest version, at 1.3.1, supports contact and calender sync with Yahoo! and LinkedIn (previously, you could only sync contacts with LinkedIn). Email on the Pre was pretty much five stars as it was, but the new software also adds some time-saving shortcuts, like search to filter, copy/paste paragraphs, and the ability to forward texts and instant messages direct from the Messaging app.


The update also fixes various bugs, and the full list of tweaks is available on the Palm website. You'll notice there is no iTunes sync, following a long tussle between Palm and Apple.


And yes, we finally have Facebook - get the app at the App Catalog, or automatically when you download the update. Owners of the Pre (and Pixi, out in the US, to launch here next year) will be notified when the update is available, and the phone will automatically download it if in a wi-Fi network. If a download over Wi-Fi doesn’t happen within the first 48 hours, the update will proceed using your 3G wireless data connection.

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