Sony Ericsson Kurara to feature powerful CPU?

Sony Ericsson has reportedly made some good development progress on its forthcoming mobile phone, the Kurara, including news of its internal CPU plus other features.


Observers have stated that the new Sony Ericsson handset will run via a Cortex A8 CPU. Will this be the latest iteration of the chip that Samsung was recently discussing? The unit that is running at a snappy 1Ghz? Other internal features will include 256MB of RAM plus excellent graphics support via a PowerVR graphics processor. Subsequent comments have now been offered that resurrect the rumours that this mobile will support HD video processing, according to the Engadget website. Apparently, the HD will run at 720p resolution.


Rumour has it that the new phone will be made available within Europe during the second half of February for €500. We will bring you more information when we get it.


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