Sony Ericsson still feeling the pain

More trouble for Sony Ericsson as it has just announced it is going to close four of its offices around the world, cutting 2,000 jobs.


Before this news, Sony Ericsson's fortunes appeared to be on the up with the announcement of the new Xperia X10, X2 and Pureness mobile phones. However, it appears that the manufacturer still requires some trimming before it can declare itself ready to properly take on the competition.


Sony Ericsson said it would be closing two offices in the US (the Research Triangle Park facility in North Carolina, and a small Miami facility) as well as an office in Chennai (India) and another in Kista (Sweden), according to the Engadget website.


At the moment, Sony Ericsson is rated as the fourth largest phone creator in the world behind the likes of Nokia, Samsung and LG. It's still ahead of Motorola but, considering the shredding that Motorola took before its recent Android handset releases, that's not saying much.


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