LG working on another watchphone

LG has admitted to working on another watchphone design which is due for release during 2010.


The new phone looks like it will be a variation on the surprisingly well received GD910. In fact, the company hinted that there would be more than one, in a range of different styles. To recap, the GD910 features a suitably dinky touchscreen measuring just 1.43in. It is of TFT quality, however. The display packs in 176 x 220 pixels. Other features include fast data transfer via HSDPA at a very sprightly 7.2Mbps plus video calling, for those Star Trek moments.


In other news, LG has confirmed that it is working on several mobile phones that will support the Android operating system, all arriving with touchscreens, according to the Fone Home website. One of which, reportedly, include a smaller version of the GW620 Etna. The latter will apparently include the speedy Snapdragon CPU.


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