News From The East: DoCoMo's self healing mobile paint

Those crazy Asiatics are at it again. First we saw a golf phone from LG and even a next gen filofax but now news is reaching us that Japan's NTT DoCoMo is about to utilize a new type of paint that 'self heals' on its mobile phones which means that unsightly, scratched handsets may well be a thing of the past.


The new paint has actually been developed by Nissan, the car manufacturer, which uses the paint type on the chassis of its own cars. Marketed as 'scratch resistant', in that case, the paint, which is called Scratch Guard and was developed by Nissan alongside the University of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials, Inc, according to the Gizmag website. Scratch Guard contains a special type of resin that when scratched, is able to self-heal typically overnight (for extreme scratches it can take up to a week).


Don't expect to see this substance on your own new phone anytime soon. It will take a while to reach these shores but, we are sure, will eventually be integrated as a value added feature in the not too far distant future.


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