Luxury mobile phone is made from rare woods

A new luxury mobile phone has been announced that utilises a range of exotic woods and even more exotic leathers along with the usual material such as gold and platinum.


The new handset, known as the Bellperre, has been created by Bellperre from a selection of exotic woods such as Walnut, Elm, Wenge and Zebrano. This does strike us as rather dubious, however. How environmentally friendly is this range? The extensive use of Zebrano in Prada's flagship Manhattan store in 2002 resulted in protests from environmentalists and a promise from Prada never to use wood from endangered forests again, for example.


Then, amongst the gold and platinum on the handset, is the choice of 110 exotic leathers from the likes of Buffalo, Lizard and Shark - again, choices that are not exactly designed to make any concerned user sleep easy in their bed.


To the less contentious specifications, based upon Windows Mobile, the tri-band GSM connectivity 900 / 1800 / 1900 is joined by a 2in Sapphire Crystal scratch-resistant display plus a stereo Bluetooth for wireless connections of accessories.


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