Samsung falls out of love with Symbian and Windows Mobile

Reports are reaching us that Samsung is moving away from the Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile operating systems in favour if its own, Linux-based operating system, which has now been revealed as bada, plus Android.


The news follows the emergence of the company's own operating system. According to HMC Investment Securities, Samsung plans to completely stop making mobile phones that support the Symbian OS by the end of next year - a surprise, as the company is a founder member of the Symbian Foundation (a non-profit organisation that supervises the OS) . In the meantime, the amount of mobiles that will be running Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS will be down by 20%.


On the flip side, the third party OS with the largest representation, Android, will form around 30% of the company's total output. Expect to see "several" devices feature the bada OS, according to the Cellphones website.


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