Samsung launches Android competitor

Samsung may have its own series of Android devices , but the Korean manufacturer has just announced it'll be releasing its own open-source operating system for mobile, bada (means 'ocean' in Korean').


Samsung bada will launch in December with a code freely available to all, so like Google's Android OS, any developer will be able to create apps for it. Samsung has had phones running on its proprietary software for a long time, as well its its Omnia smartphones on Windows Mobile, but apps for these devices have either been nonexistent or in the case of Windows Mobile, really hard to find (though that's hopefully set to change, with the recent launch of Windows Marketplace).


It's not just the range and volume of apps that will be available - operators and other manufacturers will be also able to create their own interfaces for the platform. Samsung plans for the first bada-powered phone to launch in the first half of 2010, and a developer day will be held in London in January.


The official website goes live today and the software development kit for developers will be made public when bada launches in December.

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