Blackberry announces new range of support for developers

Research In Motion has revealed some good news for developers of apps and games for its range of Blackberry phones with a range of new utilities and services on offer.


The list includes OpenGL ES support which will improve 3D graphic quality leading to more impressive games, a new announcement with Adobe for use of its Adobe Creative Suite that allows developers to import content from Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects plus access to Adobe Flash Platform technology. Read more about them here.


The Blackberry Payment Service will allow users easier methods of being able to transfer money whilst in an App plus a Push Service to forward time sensitive alerts to the user, according to the Mobiles Topic website.


New Location Services will include a Cell Site Geolocation which, says RIM, is an, "alternative to GPS, providing an estimate of a smartphone's location based on cell tower triangulation," and Time Travel to, "incorporate estimated travel time within their applications for almost any destination."


BlackBerry Theme Studio, which replaces the Plazmic Content Developer's Kit and includes BlackBerry Theme Builder and BlackBerry Composer, allows developers to design themes, illustrations and animations. BlackBerry Theme Studio can be downloaded for free form here.


Most of the enhancements will arrive in early 2010.


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