Google working on Android 2.1

Reports have reached us that a new version of the Google-created operating system, Android, is currently under development. To be known as version 2.1, the new version has apparently been allocated the codename: Flan.


We are still getting over the news of Android 2.0's existence as well as debating why certain companies are only releasing their new handsets with version 1.6 or even version 1.5 and, low and behold, news now arrives that version 2.1 is under development and, according to observers, should be out before the year's end - good going for a major operating system, on any platform.


The leaked information arrived via the Android And Me website which studied its Google Analytic reports. This is a utility which tells the website what operating systems have been contacting it of late. Top of the list was phones running version 1.6 of Android with version 1.5 following closely. Only 0.24 of the traffic was initiated with a v2.0 handset but, interestingly, 0.04 of the traffic was initiated via phones using version 2.1.


There are no confirmed details as to what the new update contains but reports say that it will focus primarily on bug fixes for version 2.0.


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